• 2015 - 2016

    Please note payments are averaged over the year in 6 equal payments for 32 lessons per year, not all terms are of equal length. The terms have initially been organised into 1 x12 week term and 2 x 10 week terms.

    Please remember invoices are given as a reminder only, to maintain early payment discounts fees must be given to a teacher before the dates below.
     Payment  Invoice given out w/c  Early payment date
     1  7th September  17th September
     2  20th September  5th November
     3  1st December  14th January
     4  8th February  25th Feburary
     5  14th March  29th April
     6  23rd May  10th June

    The fees structure in place, means the more lessons you do the bigger discounts you get, the charge will be for total number of lessons attended.

    • The discounts for early payment will be £4 per subject and are applied to the 1st 4 lessons for each child.
    • Generous discounts are given for subsequent lessons for each child, so we do not give sibling discounts. If you would like to pay by standing order and spread the costs over 12 months please speak to your teacher.