• Use this page for booking Holiday classes and workshops

    Summer Lessons- daily rate (can be paid to teacher on the day)

    lesson per child per day £6
    2 lessons per child per day £10
    Daily workshop £35


    Summer lessons - early bird booking (paid before 20th July)

    1 lesson £5.50
    2 lessons £9
    3 lessons £13
    4 lessons £17
    5 lessons £21
    6 lessons £25


    Summer Workshops - early bird booking (paid before 20th July) (Per child)

    Workshop Daily rate Early bird (paid before 20th July
    Musical Theatre £35 £30
    Hair and Makeup £14 £10
    Princess and princes £20 £18
  • Booking Information

    Service tab 
    Chose workshop or activity, make a note of the date of activity 
    chose teacher then press next

    Time page
    (This is quite confusing)
    Select start time of the activity

    Please remember early bird discounts for booking and payment only received on or before 20th July.
    Repeat the above at payment refer to payment table for early bird discounts
    Please make payment by Bacs

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